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Alain Taral was born on the 20th of March, 1949, in Saint-Dié, France. He began his career in wood design by creating and producing small wooden caskets, pictures, and small pieces of furniture with an inlay or mosaic design. From 1989, he applied his experience in cabinetmaking and marquetry to books. In order to complete his training, he studied the art of book-binding at the College of Beaux-Arts ( l'école de Beaux-Arts ) in Toulon under the guidance of Jacqueline Cabot.
Alain Taral was highly commended for the quality of his work presented in 1995, at the Third  Biennal European Festival in the Art of Book-binding ( Troisième Biennale Europèenne de la Reliure d'Art ) at Saint Jean de Luz. In the same year, he achieved the distinction of "Eerwolle vermelding voor bijzonder vackmanschap" at the European Competition in the Art of Book-binding, ( concours européen de Reliure d'Art ), organised at La Haye in 1996, as well as the major regional prize at the Society encouraging Art and Craft ( La société d'Encouragment aux Métiers d'Art ). 
In 1997, he was awarded the silver medal for his systems of book hinges at the Exhibition of Inventions ( Salon de l'Invention ), held in Lyon and first prize at the Fourth European Biennial Festival in the Art of Book-binding ( la Quatrième Biennale Européenne de la Reliure d'Art ) at Saint jean de Luz.
Lastly, Alain Taral has been chosen for the International Competition of Macerata '100 Book Covers for Eternity ( concours international de Macerata "Cent reliures pour l'éternité ) and two years after for "François d'Assise". In 2000, he receive the distinction of "Golden Book" during challenge in the Art of Book-binding SCRIPTA MANENT II organised in TALLINN by  national bibliotheca of Estonia.
During the same year he is nominated for prize Liliane Bettencourt - (Métiers du patrimoine) " For hand's intelligence "  " POUR L'INTELLIGENCE DE LA MAIN ".
In 2006 in competition Pointe of Paris, jury prefers putting it " Except Competition ".
In 2008, it carries off the 1st price for the 400 years of the city of Quebec and exhibition " linked up Quebec as ever ".
In 2009, it carries off the 1st price in international competition "DESIGNER BOOKBINDERS" in Oxford.
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